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One of the biggest groups to stand out in the 70s and 80s fanatical disco-era and truly make their mark, was BONEY M. Their career was comet-like in that they seemed to blast out of nowhere.

Their sound - a mix of reggae, disco, funk, gospel, soul and rock - hit the charts around the world in a flash. Within moments, it seemed, everyone knew the Boney M name and their sensational array of musical hits.

The overnight success which went on to manifest itself with over 40 hit singles, at least 30 albums (many more if we include the regional variations and ongoing compilations), up to 250 million units sold, plus numerous live tours and tv appearances spanning four decades.

And so from the day Maizie Williams, a classic high-cheekboned, long-legged, fashion model and dancer, was discovered in 1975 by impresario Katja Wolf and selected as the very first member of a brand new band, the carousel took off and the legendary phenomenon of Boney M was born.

Maizie Williams is not only the longest surviving member of the original Boney M band but,  probably the most influential in deciding the long term line-up since it was she who vetted the subsequent members to make sure they would all share a certain chemistry.

The initial line-up had been without question a visual front for a record that was already a radio hit, while the follow-up combo was selected more for its broader talent and potential longevity.

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Iconic Band ‘Boney M’, this definitely brings back memories!

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